“Andrew is a true Master of Arms. I would underwrite him in a heartbeat. If you’re in Albuquerque look him up. He’ll teach you things you never thought about.”


“I have been to many seminars with many big-time, famous martial art instructors. Andrew is the best instructor I have ever trained with.”


“Andrew has a wide knowledge of the arts. He is a good person to work with. He goes out of his way to make sure we all learn. I really enjoy working with Andrew and coming to lessons.”

- Eric

"Andrew Webb teaches a unique style of Russian Systema in which he has incorporated many of the best martial art principles and techniques. Filipino stick fighting, bladed weapons and empty hand techniques, from various martial arts, form this unique hybrid system. I think very highly of Mr. Webb as an instructor and I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity and pleasure of training with him for the last four years at Albuquerque Warrior Arts."


“Andrew Webb has vast experience and teaching skills to share with those seeking effective martial skills.  Warrior Arts is a great martial art and self-defense that is based in studying body mechanics.  This art and science teaches the practitioner to use the whole body versus just arms and legs.  The system is mostly centered on Russian Martial Arts, yet it also includes the highest aspects of other martial arts.  Andrew teaches martial arts outside of the typical routines of practice most commercial schools employ.  This is a fun and effective martial art for a beginner or a very experienced person.”


“Andrew is a phenomenal instructor who I highly recommend. His ability to impart information in way that is understandable for someone who is new to martial arts while also being able to instruct those who may have decades of experience demonstrates his range and abilities as an instructor. Andrew is humble and confident and exudes knowledge. He has taught me a higher degree of situational awareness in my everyday life, self-defense techniques that are adaptable to my physical limitations, and has helped with my body mechanics and flexibility. If you are looking for unique and motivating physical activity that will teach you to be stronger, faster, and more capable, come and see Andrew at Albuquerque Warrior Arts. He is unlike any other trainer in Albuquerque.”

- Cathryn

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