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The ability to protect yourself or a loved one is the single most important skill anyone can possess. Master those skills at Albuquerque Warrior Arts.

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Providing the Real World Skills You Need to Stay Safe

Albuquerque Warrior Arts was founded to help individuals and families learn to protect themselves. We do this by providing: 1.) instruction that makes it easy, safe, and fun to learn what you need to protect yourself, and 2.) a state-of-the-art facility that makes it convenient to practice what you learn.

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Questions about your first time at Albuquerque Warrior Arts or about the type of classes we offer? Visit our FAQ page to learn more.

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Meet the Instructor

A Certified Protection Professional (CPP), former amateur boxer and professional kickboxer—Andrew Webb is ready to help students build a foundation in order to better protect themselves.

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Why Choose Albuquerque Warrior Arts?

Albuquerque Warrior Arts is a training center, not a traditional martial arts studio. Although learning a single art and progressing through ranks at Albuquerque Warrior Arts is an option, classes here train specific skills: knives and other edged weapons, sticks and impact weapons, striking, and warrior arts, a Systema-based combination of empty hand and weapon work.

Our lead instructor, Andrew Webb, is a Certified Protection Professional (CPP) with over 40 years experience in martial arts. He is a former amateur boxer and professional kickboxer, and has has also trained in Libre Knife Fighting and several Filipino weapon systems.

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We Specialize In:

Warrior Arts is a combined system of weapon and empty hand work. Its foundation is Russian Systema, but it contains elements of Filipino kali and Serrada escrima, Indonesian pencak silat, internal Chinese arts, Japanese arts, and American boxing and kickboxing.

Russian Systema

Internal Arts


Japanese Jujutsu

Indonesian Penack Silat

Knife & Edged Weapons

Stick & Impact Weapons

Take Your Safety Into Your Own Hands

Master the skills you need to protect yourself and your loved ones. Join us at Albuquerque Warrior Arts!

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